Eddie's Review of the Murtaya

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Hiya Mike,

Eddie here again and I hope all is well your side of the pond!

Unfortunately my visit to AMS wasn’t to be as they had a testing that had to take priority.

However, they were staying relatively close to where I live so they asked if I could meet them after the testing.

To cut a long story short I have driven the Murtaya for the first time and I must say I’m impressed.

The grip that the car has is inspiring and we were taking corners at speeds that would have seen me the wrong side of the hedge in my Megablade!!

Bearing in mind that this test drive was in the pouring rain I really got to see what the car has to offer in really wet conditions.

I’m actually quite glad that it was raining because I can now look forward to driving it in the dry and really finding the car’s potential!

I think though after my drive that my personal limitations are going to be reached well before the Murtaya’s are!

The Hard Top was in place when I drove the car and that was also a bonus because you get to see how it will fair against the elements.

To be honest the Hard Top did a pretty good job of making you feel that you were in a good solid coupe especially compared to other kit cars I have been in.

There was misting on the windscreen if the windows weren’t open a bit but then the trade plate was sitting on the dash which wouldn’t help and both me and passenger (Dan) were soaked too!

As for getting in and out of the car with the Hard Top on there is definitely a skill to master here!!!

The first entry to the driver’s seat saw me hitting the left indicator with my left leg and my right let was stranded about a meter above the car!!!!!!

Luckily Dan, who obviously is experienced in the skill, showed me the correct technique and after that I was fine.

In fact by the time we had stopped a couple of times ie for fuel and then for a toilet stop (well I was excited!!!) I was getting in and out pretty easily.

This includes me being over 6ft and suffering from flexibility issues following a motorbike crash.

All in all I would say that the car was easier to get into and out of than a VX220 if that helps you at all.

Personally I will be going for the soft top option so that it can be packed in the boot if needed.

I will definitely be joining you in the Murtaya Owner’s Club as soon as I decide to build or not to build but after driving the car I would like the option that will get me driving it as soon as possible.

All the best and I continue to watch your site with interest.


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