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July 23rd 2007


Welcome to the latest AMS newsletter, you will find it attached in Word format.

I hope that you enjoy the read, and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,



AMS News Monday 23rd July 2007.

    Hello again and welcome to more AMS news from Cornwall.

    Well two months ago I commented about the rain and the need to get out and enjoy the outdoors irrespective of the weather, with the Murtaya being an ideal toy for a good blast in the wet conditions.

    Well recent weeks have re-enforced my opinion, as a composite monocoque it would also make for a fine boat should the need arise! Perhaps a set of oars or an outboard mounted in the boot will be the next optional extras appearing on the list!

    If you are unfortunate enough to have been affected by the floods then we extend our heartfelt sympathy to you and hope that you have not lost irreplaceable personal belongings as a result.

    As usual things have been busy in our workshops with the completion of several customer build projects and some unexpected work of our own caused by our Toyota Landcruiser deciding that it was time to spin a shell, taking the crank with it, and a head on interface occurring between our Mondeo and a courier van!

    However we have had the opportunity to progress the development of the Murtaya rally concept and this has generated a huge amount of international interest.

    We are currently putting together a factory supported package for 2008 which will see the car compete in a variety of disciplines including rallying, sprinting, hill climbing and circuit racing with out major modification. We hope that it will show case the diverse capabilities of the base car with the single vehicle being competitive in multi disciplines straight out of the box. We have some high profile partners in the project and hope that we may be in a position to make a formal announcement in the near future.

Murtaya rally car in Red Bull livery. See it in action in 2008 (although not necessarily in this colour scheme!)

    In addition to the development work on the rally car we have also finished work on the first carbon composite Murtaya which is destined for Canada. This car has worked out beautifully and has built on the existing strengths of the standard car by further reducing overall weight and managing to increase the rigidity of the structure even further. We will be heading out to Canada to see this one when Jay has finished it, along with marvelling at the rest of his collection which includes a BMW V12 powered Ultima among other exotica.

    We are now in a position to produce carbon composite tubs for other discerning customers seeking the ultimate in performance, please give me a ring to discuss this option should you be interested.

    We currently have the opportunity to produce some kits for delivery in early September due to a cancelled order (due to a dramatic change in personal circumstances for one client), therefore there is a chance to get your order in now and have a project sat in the garage ready for autumn. This should mean that you can be on the road in time for spring 2008; availability is limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis so give us a ring and get your project underway!

    The Murtaya demo car has been road tested again by Steve Hole of Total Kit Car and Ian Hyne of Kit Car magazine respectively (they also tested the current Toniq R demo car at the same time). Both men left having been hugely impressed with both cars, Steve Hole commenting that the Murtaya is the best specialist car he has ever driven (!) and that the Toniq R is right up there with the very best that Caterham has to offer. High praise indeed from a time served industry professional and further proof the team here at AMS manufacture and engineer all vehicles to exemplary standards and will provide you with a machine that will be at the pinnacle of what the industry has to offer, along with many, many miles of smiles for years to come!

    As always you are very welcome to visit us at the factory and drive the demo cars for yourself. There are now flights to Newquay from most regional airports for around 25-30 each way and we are happy to collect and return you to the airport at either end of your visit.

    I hope that we may see or speak to you at a show, circuit or the factory in the very near future, and I look forward to welcoming you to the ever growing Murtaya owners club, the BSGC (Big Silly Grin Club!).

All the best until next time.


Neil Yates
Managing Director
Adrenaline Motor Sport
01637 852500 / 01637 889351.

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