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June 2006

Welcome to the June AMS1 News update.

This has been sent in a Microsoft Word format to enable everyone to be able to read it easily.

Things are going extremely well here in Cornwall as you will soon read.

I would love to hear from all of you very soon, and will be delighted to answer any further questions that you may have at this time.

Kind regards,



AMS1 News Update June 2006

    Well it has been a fantastic few months here at Adrenaline Motorsport. The engineering development work on AMS1 has been moving ahead at an astonishing rate. The styling translation from paper to reality has exceeded even our expectations and the car looks truly breathtaking.

    We have been making the move into our new production facility from our previous development premises. The move will be completed in June, the new facility giving us the capacity to produce our full annual target of cars whilst continuing the existing successful Motorsport preparation business. There have been a number of other projects on the go in our workshops recently including the completion of several kit cars that had been part built by their owners and the preparation of a Subaru Impreza WRX which will be competing in the British National Hillclimb Championship.

    We have been working very hard at finalizing the specifications and options that AMS1 will offer. The range now offers something for everyone with entry level specifications for those with a lower budget (or younger drivers who need a lesser engine spec to be able to insure the car) through to cars offering true supercar slaying performance with phenomenal power to weight ratios. Whatever you want from your AMS1 we are sure to be able to satisfy the requirements. Comprehensive details will be available soon when the full website goes live towards the end of June.

    AMS1 will be launched and officially named in August 2006 and will then appear at the TotalKitCar Live! event at Snetterton race circuit. This will give you the opportunity to see the car up close in our pit garage stand and to experience the performance of the car out on the track. Be warned, this is an incredibly addictive machine and once sampled rational purchasing decisions will go out of the window! The demonstrator car will then be traveling extensively to many shows and trackdays all over the UK. Of course factory visits will be welcome from the latter part of July where a range of our vehicles and customers cars will be available for viewing.

    The response to our car from around the world has been quite astonishing with the 2006/7 production run looking likely to be a mere fraction of the demand. We are therefore going to be writing to all parties that have expressed an interest to date offering the opportunity to reserve a slot in our 2006 and 2007 production schedules. These slots will be offered on a strictly first come first served basis, whether for component form or fully built vehicles.

    The AMS1 has been designed to offer an enjoyable self build experience, using a majority of the Subaru donor parts in totally unmodified form. Whilst the Impreza is a technically advanced car it is straightforward to work on and service and with a methodical approach should hold no fears for the DIY mechanic (in fact 3 sizes of spanner/socket will cover most needs!).

    The build manual has been set out to provide a comprehensive overview of the build process and includes lots of pictures to illustrate the steps involved in creating your supercar. Everything required to build your car is included in the kit options (excluding parts from the donor vehicle) which means that the AMS1 is a true single donor kit.

    With kits options including both Comprehensive and Modular formats this is a car that can be built as and when budgets and space allow, we can even source suitable donor vehicles for you in the UK or direct from Japan if required.

AMS1 early on in the development process.

    As we now move toward production and the first customer deliveries starting in August we would like to thank you for your continued interest in our project. We hope to meet with many of you in the coming months and look forward to sharing our passions for great performance cars, and of course to building epic sportscars to meet your every dream and desire

Neil Yates
Managing Director
Adrenaline Motorsport
+44 (0)1637 852500.
+44 0777 331 4355.

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