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June 22nd, 2006

Good morning everyone, welcome to the next AMS update.

Please find attached document containing information on specifications for our car and pictures of the real thing.

The first official outing for the AMS1 will be at the excellent TotalKitCar Live event at Snetterton race circuit in August, however we are now in a position to accept orders for the car in both turn key and kit form for delivery from September onwards.

The production run for July has already been allocated and the level of interest suggests that this situation will soon be repeated for the remainder of 2006.

All of us here at Adrenaline Motorsport would like to thank you for your fantastic support and enthusiasm during the development stages of this project, and we are really looking forward to speaking to and meeting with you all over the coming months either down in sunny Cornwall or at a show somewhere around the country.

Best wishes,



Adrenaline Motorsport Reservation Opportunity

    The response to the AMS1 has been simply astonishing. Since the initial story of our car was released to the press enquiries have been coming in from all over the world, with the enthusiasm and excitement expressed by potential owners proving that this really is a concept that has grasped the imagination of car lovers everywhere.

    Now that we have successfully taken the project from design concept to reality we are going to allocate our production capacity for 2006/2007 in order to ensure that we meet our customer’s expectations. We have decided to maintain the exclusivity and individuality of our vehicle by limiting production each year. This will ensure that each and every car will remain a rare and exciting site on the world’s roads and tracks, and heighten the sense of occasion each and every time you step into your car.

    With this in mind we are now offering all seriously interested parties the opportunity to reserve a slot within the forthcoming production schedule. For a fee of £500 (GBP) we will hold a position within the production run during any month from August 2006 through to December 2007 (July’s production is already spoken for). This reservation fee will be deducted from the final invoice for your vehicle upon delivery, whether it is in component or fully built form.

    The AMS1 will be available either for self assembly or in turn key form. A guide to the specifications available follows, however, as all cars are built to individual requirements precise pricing can only be established at the time of specifying a build.

Turn Key Vehicles.

    The entry level specification will offer a vehicle built from a donor component package offered by the normally aspirated four wheel drive Subaru Impreza Sport model delivering 125bhp. This car will offer strong performance for those who can not yet afford to run or insure the higher specification turbocharged cars, or for those who want a stunning looking sportscar but who are not concerned about ultimate performance.

    The model line up then moves to the turbocharged four wheel drive platform and in excess of 200bhp. Special engine and transmission packages are available for those seeking an extreme adrenaline rush with options of up to 395bhp with a six speed gearbox, giving the potential for a staggering 465bhp per tonne! We anticipate a strong demand for a modest upgrade package which will deliver 320bhp and simply stunning performance.

    Two interior trim options will be offered for the fully built vehicles, either a fully specified interior or a stripped out lightweight variant for trackday and occasional road use.

    Standard equipment on all cars will include 17” alloys wheels with high performance tyres, vented and grooved brake discs all round with ceramic compound brake pads, braided brake hoses and a Thatcham category one approved alarm and immobiliser. Fully trimmed cars also include an MP3 compatible CD head unit, electric windows, centrally operated door locks and a folding soft top.

    A range of colour and material combinations will ensure that each car feels individual and customised to the owner with the opportunity to add further optional extras, for example satellite navigation or higher specification in car entertainment systems.

    Higher powered models will also include brake upgrades, front mounted intercoolers, custom mapped ECU’s, an uprated fuel pump, 18” wheel and tyre combinations and further performance enhancements.

AMS1 Standard Performance Specifications.

A) 150bhp normally aspirated 4 wheel drive 5 speed.
B) 215bhp turbocharged 4 wheel drive 5 speed.
C) 260bhp turbocharged 4 wheel drive 5 speed.
D) 280bhp turbocharged 4 wheel drive 5 speed close ratio gearbox.
E) Enhanced options include up to 395bhp and 6 speed gearboxes with driver controlled centre differential.

    Turn key Lightweight cars to specification C will retail from £18,125 (GBP ex works). We are happy to discuss build costs for customers wishing to provide their own donor mechanical components.

Self Assembly Packages.

    The AMS1 has been designed with the home builder in mind and should hold no fears for those who enjoy the challenge of preparing their own car.

    All of the key locating points for the suspension are pre-drilled ensuring that no major mistakes can be made with geometry and alignment, while the major components such as the engine, gearbox and rear differential all locate within the car using the original Subaru hardware making the assembly process very straightforward.

    The wiring loom will certainly be the most concerning element for most builders due to the sheer quantity of wire within the donor car. However the loom is very well designed and the connector blocks mean that it is fairly straightforward to re-assemble within the AMS1. As with all aspects of building your own car taking time at the start of the project when stripping the donor vehicle (and making sure that you carefully label the connectors as you remove them), will make the build simple in the long run.

    The component parts are available as a comprehensive kit, or in modular format for those who wish to take the build a stage at a time. The comprehensive kit includes everything you need to get your car on the road and everyday usable (with the exception of a donor vehicle). This includes items such as a soft top hood and carpet set meaning that you will end up with a fully trimmed and finished car ready to hit the road.

    The modular kits allow you to achieve various stages of build from rolling chassis through to a fully trimmed and finished vehicle. The three modular kits contain the same components as the comprehensive kit, meaning that once completed the build will include all of the components to achieve a fully trimmed and finished vehicle.

    The Comprehensive kit package starts at £9530 (GBP Ex works) for a lightweight specification car rising to £11,500 (GBP Ex works) for the fully trimmed version.

Making Your Reservation.

    In order to take advantage of this invitation please ring 01637 852500 or e-mail stating if you require a reservation against a component package or a turn key car. We will check the availability of a production slot to suit your timescale and confirm the dates available. At this stage we will provisionally pencil your name against the agreed chassis number. You will then have seven days to send your reservation fee of £500 GBP, once we have received your holding deposit the chassis number in question will be fully reserved in your name.

    Your chassis number and production dates will then be confirmed in writing. A full information pack will be despatched as your production date approaches to allow the detailed specification to be chosen and we will arrange a factory visit or meeting to complete the final build specification for your vehicle.

    When the finalised build specification has been agreed and your production date has arrived we will require a further deposit to commence the assembly of your kit or car. The balance will then be due on collection or delivery of your completed order.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon and to reserving your chassis number, bringing you one step closer to making those supercar owning dreams become a reality.

Kind regards,

Neil Yates
Managing Director
Adrenaline Motorsport Limited

A selection of images from an early AMS1 prototype vehicle:

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