Newsletter: May 2008

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May, 2008

Hello everyone – time for an update on all that is happening in the West Country.

Detling Show
    Thanks to everyone who came to Detling over the weekend of 12/13th, we had a great time at the show despite the best efforts of the weather which was awful (hmmm I think that I was moaning about the weather in the last newsletter as well – a sign of getting old and miserable as I am sure the weather was always better when I was a lad!!).
    The endurance karting on the Saturday evening was a real laugh despite both Adrenaline teams (3 drivers in each) having to change karts during the race after suffering mechanical problems (no comments about driving styles here please - both mechanical failures were pure coincidence!).
    We decided to be ‘Team IG’ based upon Top Gears ‘I am the Stig’ and the team photo shows us all in the team t-shirts (no other teams made the effort!) looking like Muppets after the race.

R to L – Dan Muir (chassis designer) ‘I am the Jig’, Neil Gould (office manager) ‘I am the Wig’, Colin Williams (Toniq Ltd) ‘I am the Frig’, Tom Taylor (Operations Director) ‘I am the Big’,
Graham Jones (Sales & Marketing) ‘I am the Twig’ and Neil Yates (MD and Chesney Hawkes look a like!) ‘I am the One & Only’.


Stoneleigh Show 4th and 5th May 2008
    We will of course be at Stoneleigh this coming weekend for what is widely regarded as the premier show of the kit car season. There will be Murtaya and Toniq R demo cars available to look over, Colin and I to chat to and we will be running a ‘show special’ for anyone placing a reservation deposit for either a kit or factory built vehicle over the two days. You’ll have to come along to find out what the promotion is!! Our stand is situated in exhibition hall 2.
    I hope that we will see you there as it is a great weekend out with a fine turn out from the various car clubs as well as the usual manufacturer and parts suppliers displays.


New Premises
    Things have progressed well with our expansion into second premises to operate in conjunction with the current site. We will be keeping the existing 6,000sq ft at The Barns in addition to the 3,500sq ft at the new site.
    All customer visits and test drives will be conducted from the new premises once we have moved in during the course of May. Contact phone numbers remain the same and can be found at the bottom of this newsletter. Full contact details for the new unit will be published next time once we are in and settled!
    With four demonstrator vehicles and almost 10,000sq ft of operating space there has never been a better time to visit the company for a look round and a test drive so get on the phone and book yourself some time with us!


Big News!
    We have started working with a new partner company on the manufacture of all GRP and composite components within the Murtaya kit. NORCO is a huge name within the composites world and is responsible for the manufacture of many top end yachts for world renowned companies such as Sunseeker. Take a look at to see what they do.
    They have a huge team of over 160 full time laminators, an amazing training academy which all employees go through, work to phenomenally high standards and will enable us to reduce the lead time from kit order to delivery while further improving the quality of our GRP panels.
    All kits and factory built Murtaya from May on will have composite parts from NORCO and we are very excited about the advances that this partnership will allow us to make.


Factory Built Cars
    With ever more orders coming in for factory built cars we are about to ship the first ones to expectant clients. Mike in the US (the guy behind has been an avid supporter of ours since the start of the project and we are shipping his car in May. The first Murtaya to hit the States is a beauty with a 2.5 ltr engine, 6 speed transmission, air conditioning and a lustrous deep black paint finish. Can’t wait to see the pictures of you enjoying the roads around Seattle Mike. Keep an eye on those speed limits!
    We also have a striking Kawasaki Green car for a client near Plymouth, an orange car for a customer in Switzerland and a very special build which we are starting in May. More on this one as the build commences!
    Factory prepared Toniq R’s are also bound for the US where locally sourced low pressure turbo charged Duratec motors will turn them into hooligan track weapons!


Kawasaki lime green road car for Plymouth client

Rally car, Plymouth green and Mike's Murtaya.

Latest Special Projects
    A selection of non-kit projects which have been through our doors in April;-

VW camper now with twin carbed 2.1 motor!

Mk2 rally car for axle rebuild and exhaust

944 for sprint/hill climb preparation

Kiddy kart bodied as a Toniq for local school!


Toniq R
    We have developed a new range of standard fit engine installations for the Toniq R in conjunction with GDI Engineering. This means that we now have ‘plug and play’ options covering the 1.6 Sigma and 2.0 Duratec motors in both standard and modified forms. GDI are specialists in the performance tuning of engines – in particular making them reliable for those of us who like to push the boundaries of what our cars can do.
    They have some very special tweaks for the Duratec motors which help release the ponies and stop them self destructing on the circuits. . On top of being clever they are also bloody nice blokes!
    Contact us to arrange a drive in either our Duratec or Blade powered demo vehicles – there is still time to be in a Toniq R for summer (just!).


Engine Tuner
    Our engine partners on the Murtaya project have been playing with the motor on our blue demo car. Now sporting Cosworth forged pistons, a Cosworth baffled sump, worked cylinder heads, rotated turbo and a few other tricks the car is now simply incredible (not that it was exactly slow before having recorded 0-60 in 3.5 seconds at Silverstone last year!). Remember watching Star Trek when they engage warp drive? That is how things now happen when you squeeze the throttle in the demo car, everything goes blurry, your organs try to escape through your back, and you become very aware of just how slow the speed limit is! One big difference however, instead of Scotty saying “She can nay take and more captain – she’s going to blow” I find myself saying “I can nay take any more I’m going to blow” (interpret that as you will!).
    Quite simply this is dangerously addictive, short straight – wham, brake, turn, grip, onto short straight – wham, continue till exhausted, park up buzzing with adrenaline, breathe, Big Silly Grin!
    Make no mistake for the best quality work carried out by people who know how to produce the goods from the Subaru motor you can not beat Alan, Martyn and the Engine Tuner team.
All factory built Murtaya are powered by these guys and all of you building one at home should be speaking to them too.


New Zealand Distributors
    We had a visit from Les Summerfield and his wife Andrea last week. Les is half of Murtaya New Zealand along with Matt Withers and it was brilliant to spend some time with the people who are flying the flag for us on the other side of the world.
    Les rallies an Impreza on gravel in NZ and was therefore very keen to try the Murtaya rally car. Although I can not repeat his exact words here due to some slightly colourful language while in the act (!) I think that it is fair to say that this seasoned rally man was impressed. Suffice to say that there will be at least one rally Murtaya competing in New Zealand next year.
    They are a great bunch and if you are ever in New Zealand (!) make sure you look them up just outside Christchurch on the South Island.


Contacting Us
    Should you ever wish to speak with either Tom or myself about anything relating to the business you are welcome to call in at the factory, ring on 01637 889351, email to or or call on our mobiles;

    Neil 07525 670 680 Tom 07525 670 678

    We are always interested to hear your thoughts, opinions and ideas so please do not hesitate to get in touch if there is anything which you would like to talk through.

    That’s it for now folks – I hope that we will see you at Stoneleigh this coming weekend and if not then in Cornwall in the very near future. The summer is coming – be inspired, buy or build a sportscar!

All the best,


Neil Yates

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