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October 2006

Hi All

Just a quick mail to let all know the AMS Murtaya made a very successful track debut recently at Total Kit Car Live at Brands Hatch, England.

During the course of the day the car took many interested parties for a high speed few laps of the circuit, and performed almost faultlessly, especially considering it was just straight 'out of the box.' What was even more encouraging was the fact the car lapped very close to 7 type speeds on standard road tyres. Not too shabby! Passengers were generally pretty awestruck when they got out!

On the news front Adrenaline have just announced a new modular price for the Murtaya of 7995 plus VAT and I have attached the press release that details just what is included in this option.

Also, attached you will find a pdf copy of a full page ad that is due to appear in the kit car press over the next few weeks.

Many thanks to all who have supported us this far and those who made the trek to Brands - hope you enjoyed it - we certainly did!

Andy Bliss
PR and Marketing
Adrenaline Motorsport


For Immediate Release
Date 18/10/06


    Following a successful launch at the National Kit and Performance Car Show and track debut at Total Kit Car Live Brands Hatch Adrenaline Motorsport are pleased to announce a new, starter kit for the exciting AMS Murtaya.

    From November 1st Adrenaline will be offering the stunning new 2 seater sportscar in modular format with a starter kit available at 7995 plus VAT.

    This Murtaya utilizes the running gear of the iconic Subaru Impreza (1992 2000) and employs a proven monocoque chassis and semi spaceframe front end giving surefooted, dependable handling and grip, mated to stunning performance.

The AMS Murtaya starter kit contains:

Main monocoque
Front clamshell
Boot lid
Sill extentions
Door (Right hand)
Door (Left hand)
Centre Console
Door trim panels
Front subframe
Steering column modifications
Gear selector rod modifications
Propshaft modifications
Steering column bracket
Pedal box bracket
Pitch stop mount bracket
Door hinges
Bonnet hinges
Boot hinges

    As an introductory offer, all orders placed before end November 2006 will get a FREE remote controlled door solenoid release kit.

    Be on the road for Spring 2007- place your order NOW!

Tel. 01637 852500

Notes to editors:

  • The car is available for road test from October 1st.
  • The Murtaya is a product of Adrenaline Motorsport, a Newquay based company specialising in road and rally competition car preparation

For further details contact:

Neil Yates, Managing Director, Adrenaline Motorsport.
01637 852500 07877 130249 (Mob)
Andy Bliss, PR and Marketing, Adrenaline Motorsport
01637 852500 07877 219180 (Mob)
The Barns


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