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Murtaya at Donnington


What's the big deal about the Murtaya?

There are many light sports cars (Lotus Elise/Exiges, Ultima GTRs, Caterham 7s, etc.).

There are many AWD performance cars out there (Lamborghinis, Porsches, Evos, STis, etc.).

There are many powerful cars out there (Vettes, Vipers, Ferraris, etc.).

However, the only car that combines all these characteristics is the Murtaya.  This means the car has both the power and the ability to put it to the ground.  Also, the light weight means that the power goes a lot further in acceleration.  Also, the lightness helps in many other areas, like gas mileage, emissions, and especially handling.

All of these things working together ensures that the Murtaya has none of the bottlenecks (the inability for powerful, 2wd cars to put the power down; the extra weight that other powerful, AWD cars have to move around; the peaky, low-torque engines that light cars often have) that other performance cars have.

All thanks to Adrenaline Motorsport Limited, creators of the Murtaya.


Multiple Murtaya


The Murtaya...

...has AWD (and can even be had with a rear-biased AWD).

...has torque and power (up to 400hp and as much torque thanks to forced induction). light, despite the fact that it is AWD and a convertible (weighing in at about the same as a 2000lb Lotus Elise--and that's in road trim).

...has a stiff body (stiffer than even an Elise) despite being a convertible.

...will not only be rare and unique, but can also be customized to the customer's wishes because of the low production numbers (less than fifty a year).

...offers many options, including many levels of engine modification (150-395hp), transmissions (5/6 speeds), interiors (Alcantara/carbon fiber), hardtops, etc. affordable.

...comes in any color you want.  Except pink.  Seriously...Don't even ask Adrenaline Motorsport about getting it in pink.


Murtaya Angles


   The Murtaya has been designed from the outset by leading engineers from the automotive world ensuring that all of the latest technology and thinking being employed by the international motoring giants is incorporated into this car. The attention to detail is evident everywhere; from the striking styling, which manages to be menacing yet subtle from every angle, through to the main tub which provides a fantastic platform for the dynamic performance of the car.  The structure has been designed using the very latest technology and methods.

   CAD modeling and analysis ensure that all parts are a precision fit and the chassis is not only perfectly suited for the intended purpose, but designed from the outset to be strong and capable of dealing with the stresses and strains to which it will be exposed.

   The car features a composite monocoque tub with GRP front clamshell, doors, boot lid and rear bumper. The engine and front suspension bolt onto a spaceframe that is multi pointed to the main tub in areas specially designed to feed the loads into the structure in a controlled manner, while the rear suspension, propshaft centre bearing and gearbox mount directly to the monocoque.

   This provides a very stiff platform allowing the suspension to perform its job, keeping the wheels in contact with the road!

   The running gear from the iconic Subaru Impreza donor vehicle is used in largely unaltered form making for a straightforward build. Any necessary modifications (propshaft and steering column) are carried out by our engineers and included as exchange items in the kits that we offer.

The use of the rally proven Impreza drivetrain means that the performance of the Murtaya is spectacular, not just the astonishing straight line pace that the turbocharged engine delivers, but the incredible levels of traction and cornering grip generated by the four wheel drive give the car simply astonishing ground covering ability, all backed up by the wonderful offbeat noise created by the distinctive engine layout.

   The exterior styling is the result of an extensive design process considering many factors including the overall visual impact that the car should create (Wow factor!), whilst taking into account practical matters such as ensuring there is plenty of useable boot space.

   The finished product combines stunning aesthetic appeal with everyday practicality; the Murtaya is truly a car that can be used for trips to work, the shops, weekends away and annual trips to Le Mans with no problems, bags, tents and soft top all happily finding sufficient storage.

   The Murtaya concept is one that has been thoroughly considered, carefully designed and beautifully executed by leading specialists to create an incredible mixture of style and substance, fantastic looks and perception altering performance.


Performance Specs

Murtaya Performance Specs



Murtaya Options

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