A Skeptic on Neil Yates (Managing Director of Adrenaline Motorsport)

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   "Most (if not all) of these are confidential, but from what (little) I have seen and heard, AMS is doing some very exciting things for some very big companies. In fact, AMS is in such demand that they have had to stop accepting business deals for the time being (and by business deals I mean doing things for other companies--NOT stopping Murtaya production...so hurry up and get your order in, as others are currently doing from all over the world)."

-From the Murtaya.com Diary,
April 26th, 2007

   I have been hearing about these great big-companies that are interested in AMS... and all the big deals that have to be kept secret ... and until I met Neil Yates I thought is was just a lot of ... well, hot air.

    Then I met Neil.  After being around for six decades I can only compare him to the likes of Lee Iacocca.

    Lee Iacocca was a genius at building cars. He proved this at Ford and then when Ford fired him for being too good -- the Peter's Principle -- he went over to Chrysler and got them out of its deep-deep grave and made it into a profound success .. and then he retired and Chrysler has been going up but mostly down ever since, even with Mercedes Benz.

    There are a lot of very wealthy people out there with lots of money who like cars.. and they would like to build their own cars ... but they need someone who can build these cars for them.

    For the wealthy people who know Neil Yates .. he is one of the few who can not only perform the miracles cars need to be built well these days, but he is honest enough to be trusted.

    He is obviously very good at what he does, and he is so good at finding people that can help him do what he does best, build cars... for these wealthy individuals Neil Yates would be the one to trust ... in building cars that they want. And thus "AMS is doing some very exciting things for some very big companies."

    In fact GM would be crazy not to hire Neil Yates to run the company and perform some of the miracles Lee Iacocca performed for Chrysler... and they better hurry before Toyota and Nissan hear about him.

    This all might be hyperbole but ... in my six decades I have never met anyone that performs automotive miracles better than Neil Yates, and what makes this even more amazing: he is English... the same English who -- until Neil Yates came along -- were more famous for selling their car companies than they were for selling their cars.


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