Pricing List* (Depricated)
Road Factory Built Specification List

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For people interested, I have posted some pricing information here.  Pricing and options subject to change; a more accurate pricing list will be posted on Adrenaline Motorsport's web site.  Until then, I added this since it was available no where else.

(See the interactive version of this page here.  *Requires Javascript be enabled.)

Parts List Spec Notes Price (GBP, Exc. VAT) Parts included in all builds

Kit Components

Comprehensive Kit 10,995 *

Donor Vehicle

WRX 2,000  
Engine As Donor 0  
Gearbox As Donor 0  
Rear Diff As Donor 0  
New Clutch Plate & Cover Standard Cover & Uprated Plate 450 *
New Brake Discs & Parts EBC Drilled & Red Stuff Ceramics 400 *
New Wheel Bearing Kits Standard Replacement Parts 200 *
New Poly Bushes Throughout As Donor 0  
Radiator As Donor 0  
Trim Interior (dash, doorcards, & carpet) Basic Materials 500  
Seats As Donor 0  
Switchgear As Donor 0  
Stereo CD/MP3 + Speakers 350  
Spray Solid Colour 1500  
Wheels & Tyres As Donor 0  
Sundries (p-clips, etc.)   100 *
Labour Basic Build (200 hours) 5000 *


Donor Vehicle WRX Good 2,750  
  STi 3,500  
  STi Type RA/R 6,000  
Engine Rebuild Standard New Crank, Rods, Pistons, Lightweight Flywheel 2,500  
  As Above With New ECU Installed & Mapped 3,500  
  As Above with Brand New 2.5L Bottom End 5,000  
New Radiator New Lightweight Alloy Radiator 175  
Gearbox Rebuild Recon 750  
  6 Speed Conversion 2,500  
Rear Diff Rebuild Recon 500  
  Uprated LSD 1,500  
Brake Conversion, Bells, Calipers, Discs & Pads 8 Pot Front Conversion + EBC Rears 1,300  
Uprated Suspension Bushes Poly Bushes Throughout Front & Rear Suspension 300  
Air Conditioning System Multi-Outlet Aircon Installed & Charged 1,000  
SFS Hose Kits Turbo, Coolant, Induction & Vacuum Kits 500  
Trim Interior (dash, doorcards, and carpet) Alcantara Inserts (As Demo) 850  
  Leather & Suede 1,250  
Sequential Shift Light Omex Shift Light System Fitted 150  
Switchgear Alloy Buttons 100  
Seats Good Buckets/Recliners 600  
  High Quality Buckets/Recliners 1,000  
Spray Solid Colour 1,500  
  Metallic 2,000  
  Metallic High Quality 2,500  
Clear Headlight Covers Outer Lens Cover For Clamshell 250  
Custom Colour Powdercoat On Subframe Range of Colours Available 250  
Wheels & Tyres 17" Alloys + Budget Tyres 650  
  17" Alloys + Performance Tyres 1,000  
Uprated Intercooler Top Mounted Late Model TM & Pipework Conversion 500  
Front Mounted Intercooler Front Mounted Intercooler 750  
Uprated Spring & Damper Kit Spax 1,150  
  Tein or Equivalent Adjustable Bump & Rebound 2,000  
Stereo CD/MP3 + Speakers 375  
  CD/MP3 + Upgraded Speakers 500  
  CD/MP3/IPod + Amp + Speakers 650  
Security Category 1 Approved Alarm & Immobilizer Fitted 650  
Fire Extinguisher Hand Held 4ltr Powder Extinguisher Fitted 75  
*These prices are subject to change; don't take them as absolute (I might have even typed some in incorrectly).  This should just be used to get a broad idea of Murtaya pricing.

*A more in-depth and extensive pricing sheet will be posted on the official Adrenaline Motorsport web site

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