My Murtaya: Concept

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My Murtaya Pictures

  • My Murtaya 4
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  • My Murtaya 36
  • My Murtaya: First pics from new body/interior guys

My Murtaya has yet to be built, but I have a good idea of what I want.  Thanks to the ability to really customize your Murtaya, I can get exactly that (this truly is a "unique whip", I guess you could say).  So for now, I've mocked up a few of Mark Sansby's shots of the demo car into what mine should more or less look like.

My Exterior:

Photoshop of my future Murtaya: Metallic Black, Body-Color Hardtop, Black Wheels, Headlight Covers.

Metallic black with black (or gunmetal...hmmm) wheels to hide the brake dust.  :)

Headlight covers and hardtop.

My Interior:

Photoshop of my future Murtaya Interior: Left Hand Drive, Red/Crimson on Black, No Radio (Navigation Possibility in the Future).

Left hand drive.

Red/crimson on black.

No radio (not at first; perhaps navigation after a while); I've got the sounds of the engine to enjoy.  :)

I'll be adding photos of my real Murtaya after my trip to Cornwall and as I get more shots from Neil and the gang.

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