My Murtaya: Second trip to see it

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The pictures do the body too much justice; in person you can see the bumps and cracks on most of the GRP. I can see why the body guys wanted me to come and see the car in person.

The bonnet is the worst, with large spider cracks and orange-peal texturing. It has also been warped and cracked from everybody trying to open/close it with the bad alignment. The doors, trunk, and hardtop also had some of the same issues and didn't fit very well.

However, by the time I got there, the hardtop was fixed and repainted, and it looked GREAT. Again, you probably can't tell from the pictures, but the hardtop was now worlds better than the rest of the body.

Biggest things on the TODO list:

  • Bonnet is now aligned and raised for clearence, but it will need to be cut and modified for better fit lines.  Some things still need to be repositioned because they are making contact.

  • Driver side door glass needs to be cut/replaced because it was set wrong.  Last time I saw the car, there was a HUGE gap because of the dock workers breaking in to the car.  Now, the window is aligned and VERY tight--almost too tight for the seal; it might have to come out a bit...

  • The rear window needs to be replaced, but the hardtop now fits great after the front of it was rebuilt and fitted with larger pins.  We might also replace the rear latches so they're on the hardtop rather than the car.

  • Wiring to a lot of the car (passenger side door, headlights, etc.) is too small gauge, so it will be replaced with new, higher-gauge wire, relays, and a fuse box.

  • The new gauge cluster is taller than the older Subaru clusters, so there will probably be some custom work needed to fit it into the dash.

New USDM STi gauges...Will need some custom fabrication to fit them as they're taller than the older ones

Passenger side glass is fitting well

Driver side glass not fitting so well...but the door and seal is worlds better than the last time I saw the car!

Temporary shifter

The trunk is a little bumpy and has some seems, but it's not terrible.

Under the front of the bonnet...probably going to put in new/bigger hinges. Also, rewiring needed in order to not blow fuses...

The rear window shattered coming out (was the first time in seven years this happened for the glass guy), but it needed adjusting and had leaky seals anyways.

The right side of the bonnet after adjusting--because of the big gap, it will probably need some custom GRP work, but that will allow us to get rid of the latch and the side light, thus cleaning up the looks (the latches will be replaced with some guide poles and a bearclaw latch)

Finally, with the new components, the blinker switch is finally on the correct side!

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